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Creativity And Innovation Of Stealthy And Watchy †Free Samples

Question: Discuss about the Creativity And Innovation Of Stealthy And Watchy. Answer: Creativity and Innovation: Perturbing thought. The two types of dwarfs were stealthy and watchy. They all used to be part of the dwarfs in the play. Stealthy had skillful infiltration abilities (Brothers, 20113). Stealthy was a gate-crusher and secretive because he could sneak around unnoticed. He even died trying to sneak into an enemy lair. Watchy is a dwarf who watched over the dwarfs eggs until they hatched. Stealthy tried to sneak his brothers out of prison, but he was killed. The disease that killed one of the dwarfs was the psychological disorder. His ability to be secretive makes him be killed while trying to sneak his brothers out of prison. The dwarf could keep so many secrets to himself (Phillips et al., 2011). Innovation all around us There are many factors that have changed in the body of a human being. For instance, the body sizes and shapes of human have changed. There is a very great difference between the traditional body size and the modern, and probably the future will be another story. In the ancient times, human species were small in size and had short legs and long arms (Stout, 2011). This is because they were vegetarians in nature, so their diet required a large digestive tract. They had a very wide rib cage that made room for stomach, intestines and other organs that would help in the digestion process. Today our bodys structures are different because we have a smaller digestive tract and longer legs for our survival. This could help to digest food faster, therefore, providing energy for walking longer distances. The factor that led to such body changes is the climate change. The adoption of a very hot climate led to the change in the body structure. When human beings spread to the colder climate, ther e was also change in the body shape and size. Their bodies changed in a way that enabled them to stay warm. This explains the reason why some people have wide and short bodies. This helped them to conserve heat. The early human beings did not continue depending mostly on the plant-diet, but their diet changed to cooked food and raw meat. This explains the reason why the modern human beings have a short digestive tract. The key innovations that led the change in human body size and shape include adaptive radiations, ecological opportunities and also the invasion of new environments. One of the most causes of phenotypic and species diversification is the ecological opportunity. This is the access to the newly inaccessible places (Floud et al., 2011). This is because to exploit a new ecological environment there must be differentiation in phenotypic among the closely related human species. This results in human species diversification if the phenotypic differentiation is in connection with the physical appearance of an individual. These ecological opportunities can be of three forms the exposure to new environment through dispersal or changes to the existing environment through the forces that modify the environment, second is the evolution of key innovations that force the human species to use the environments in new ways, and lastly, is through the extinction of ecological competitors that create a new previously filled place. Adoption to the newly available places triggers the rates of phenotypic change. Filling up the newly accessed niches following the evolution to key innovations also increases the rates to phenotypical characteristics. Dietary inventions have greatly affected the body and shape human beings. For example, there is the introduction of meat eating, cooking, and changes associated with plant and animal domestication (Floud et al., 2011). For instance, the specific shape may have arisen from the adaption of leaf and fruit-based diet. Increase in brain size and the decrease in the gut size may be due to the improvement in the diet. Human beings today use the plant and animal products as their meal which was not the case in the past. This has led to the change in the body size and shape. For example, the use of cooking oil in cooking has led to increased body size. Therefore, people tend to be obese. I believe these are the key innovations because the present human beings are different from the past human beings. In the present time, people are affected by cancers and many other diseases because of their diet. This causes some of their body parts to be eliminated. I believe ecological opportunities have c hanged the body and size of the human race because it makes them adapt to the various environment whether hot or cold. For instance, when there is drought food supply tends to drop, and people will be forced to eat a little food to sustain them. In the next ten years we will grow much taller and also our horizontal growth will grow exponentially this means that we are still developing as human beings. The weight of our bodies will also expand because we eat too much and not do much of our exercises. Gene mutations will increase therefore affecting metabolism. This will force people to grow obese. So in the next ten years, we will remain as tall as we are but the fat depositions will increase. We will continue expanding as days go by. In the next ten years, people will not be having most of their body parts because of so many diseases brought by the change in dietary. To survive the next mass extinction, we will have to travel to another planet. Right now there are so many deadly viruses in the world, and I think the human genes in the future will repair themselves and fight all the diseases that are attacking the human race. This is when we will try to keep our human species. Creativity and innovation around us How to clean up plastics from our oceans is one of the wicked problems that have chosen, and ocean cleanup is an organization under discussion. Ocean cleanup is an organization that is coming up with an achievable method to get rid of plastic bags in the worlds oceans. Every year millions of plastic bags get into the oceans with the rivers and canals being the prime source of the pollution. Immediately the plastic gets to the ocean, they either sink or get to the oceanic accumulation zones often called the gyres. The organization majored mostly on the gyres because they are the major oceanic accumulation zones in the world (Kershaw et al., 2011). The ocean cleanup that was invented by a Dutch student used currents to direct plastics into a V-shaped array. The plastic was then fed into a collection tower where they would be removed later. There is also a water wheel device which is powered by solar. It helps in removing plastics from the source using the debris ranking system (Kershaw et al., 2011). The wheel is piloted in Baltimore harbor. They have also integrated recycle plastics into other products. They have also come up with a strategy to prevent plastic leaching by improving coastline waste management in Indonesia, Philippines China, and Vietnam. They have also come up with preventive measures like the ban on plastic bags, micro beads, and other disposable items. I choose the organization because of the more effort it puts in trying to keep our oceans clean and trying to eliminate the various effects the plastic bags would cause to the human beings and the marine eco-system. When the plastic bags get into the ocean, the ir ratio is high than the zooplankton which is an important component in the eco-system because it provides nourishment to the small fishes all the way to the whales (Sigler, 2014). Therefore, because the content of the plastics is high, they end up being ingested by the marine wildlife. Some microplastic matter has been found in the bodies of fish, so they existence is being endangered. Also, we end up eating the fish which also affects the human race indirectly. It is a non-profit organization which is coming up with technologies to get rid of the plastic from the worlds ocean. The organization was founded in 2013 by a Dutch who is the acting CEO. It has received very a million dollars donations from sponsors, for example, chief executive Mark Benioff and philanthropist Peter Thiel. It also did a crowdfunding campaign and raised two million USD in the year 2014. At first, they used ships with nets to catch plastic bags for research purposes. The organization right now purposes a large scale removal of plastic bags. This has helped them in their innovations and their creativity. Mostly the Dutch helped them in this because he faced many difficulties in the ocean. This motivated him to find a way of getting rid of the plastic bags. References Brothers, G. (2013).Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs(Vol. 501). Trajectory, Inc. Floud, R., Fogel, R. W., Harris, B., Hong, S. C. (2011).The changing body: Health, nutrition, and human development in the western world since 1700. Cambridge University Press. Kershaw, P., Katsuhiko, S., Lee, S., Woodring, D. (2011). Plastic debris in the ocean. United Nations Environment Programme. Phillips, S. C., Engen, V., Papay, J. (2011, November). Snow white clouds and the seven dwarfs. InCloud Computing Technology and Science (CloudCom), 2011 IEEE Third International Conference on(pp. 738-745). IEEE. Sigler, M. (2014). The effects of plastic pollution on aquatic wildlife: current situations and future solutions.Water, Air, Soil Pollution,225(11), 2184. Stout, D. (2011). Stone toolmaking and the evolution of human culture and cognition.Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences,366(1567), 1050-1059.

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Midevil Times Essays - Feudalism, Middle Ages, Social History

Midevil Times Highlights of the Medieval Times The Medieval period was a time of many great accomplishments. Even though kings struggled for land power(Holt, 186), and people struggled just to stay alive, it was a time that will always mark a spot in history. Of the Middle Ages there were three main topics; government, manor and town life, and the role of the church. All three of these influenced the medieval Times greatly. The government of the medieval times was based on a system called feudalism. This was a system of government was based on personal loyalties between lords and vassals. This system is different from modern governments, do to the fact that they are usually strong and centralized. The top person of feudalism was the lord. The lord had authority over everybody including the vassals. The vassals were people who owed loyalty to a lord. In feudalism, the status of knights was considered to be the lowest, however, to be a knight in armor was a great honor. Feudalism continued to gain power through out many countries during the medieval times. It lead to the success of many powerful monarchies. Eventually feudalism died out do to new ideas and stronger centralized governments began to take over. During the Middle Ages, all life was surrounded around the manor. The castle that was in the manor was made of stone and had a moat surrounding it. Although people would think that manor life would be great and pleasant, it was not always like that. Food scraps and other garbage was often just left on the floor. Arrows could be shot through the windows because they had no glass for windows. The peasants lived outside of the castle in little villages. Peasant families lived in small hut made of mud or wood with straw roofs (Holt, 195). These hut only had one room, therefore it made life very miserable for many people. A peasants day of life consisted of farming. Not only did they have to farm their land, but also had to farm the lords land also. Life in the medieval Times may seem to be very difficult, which it was, but it has changed our lives for the better. The center of medieval life was all about the church. During this time, the people believed that they could only be saved through the church. Eventually through out the years, other stuff came into their lives, and church was not a important. The people still remained loyal to their religion, but it no longer played as the center of their life. Finally, as the church role began to fade away, the time began to give away into a new age. During the Middle Ages, there were three main aspects, which were the government, the manor and town life, and the role of the church. All three of these things led to many achievements that will always mark a spot in history. Mythology

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4 Top Secrets to Professional Success for Millennials

4 Top Secrets to Professional Success for Millennials Like the Baby Boomers before us, the Millennials are fast becoming a major force in the workplace. As we move onto career paths from school and internships, there are new challenges to the status quo. But how do we negotiate those- and more importantly, how do we help define what we want the workforce to be as we move forward? 1. Build Your Brand Like It’s Your Job.More than ever, social media is a factor in hiring. Keeping a close eye on what you put out there on Instagram, Vine, Twitter, etc. is an essential way to manage your professional image. Share content relevant to your field, and monitor who’s reposting and engaging you on that content. And for the goofy/personal stuff? Set up a private account that’s just for you and your social crew, and make sure it’s entirely separate from your â€Å"Janie Smith, Marketer Extraordinaire† profile.2. Think Outside the 9-to-5 Box.One of the defining moments for the Millennial generation of workers was the economy crash of 2008. Younger workers were often lost in the shuffle as jobs were cut all over the place. But that wasn’t necessarily doom- it was a wake-up call that maybe the standard 9-to-5 job isn’t the only way to go. Many people can make their career work as freelancers, part-time workers while pursuing other opportunities, teleworkers, and other nontraditional employees. Being flexible may be the best option for you.Also, don’t hesitate to use non-paid experience as a selling point on your resume. If you picked up stellar office communications during your internship, say so. If you developed rockstar time management skills during your volunteer gig, list it.3. Play the Long Game.Plan ahead. Retirement may be a long time away, but there’s an awful lot that can happen in the meantime. Be smart about financial planning, but also about whether you’ll want to have a family at some point, or start your own business. The earlier you get started f actoring long-term goals in to your plans, the easier it will be to actually set them in motion when the time comes.4. Think About More Than Money.A high-paying job in your chosen field is The Dream†¦ who doesn’t want that? But there may come a time when you need to consider whether other factors are just as important as the salary figure. Flexible work arrangements, vacation time, and the ability to travel may end up being just as golden to you as a slightly higher paycheck.   Definitely take your priorities into consideration during any hiring and negotiation process.As Millennials face a unique moment in their career paths, you should see it as a chance to take hold of the process and find ways to develop it (and yourself) into the professional world you’d like to see.

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Manson Family Member Linda Kasabian

Manson Family Member Linda Kasabian Charles Manson made a poor call when he picked Linda Kasabian to join the group of killers who set out to kill everyone inside the homes of actress Sharon Tate and Leno and Rosemary LaBianca. Kasabian was there  but stood in horror as the screams of the victims broke the nights silence. She managed to escape from the Manson family and later turned states evidence during the Tate and LaBianca murder trials. It was her eye-witness testimony that sealed the convictions of those responsible for the brutal murders. The Early Days Linda Kasabian was born on June 21, 1949, in Biddeford, Maine. At age 16, she quit school, left home and headed out west in search for the meaning of life. While on the road, she lived in various hippie communes where she engaged in casual sex and drugs. By the age of 20, she was a two-time divorcee and had given birth to a baby girl. On July 4, 1969, pregnant with her second child, she visited Spahn Ranch and immediately joined Charles Manson and the Manson family. Helter Skelter On August 8, 1969, Kasabian, who had only been with the Manson family for four weeks, was selected by Manson to drive family members Tex Watson, Susan Atkins and Patricia Krenwinkel to 10050 Cielo Drive. The assignment for the night was to murder everyone inside the home. Manson believed that the massacre would kick start an apocalyptic race war that he had predicted and named Helter Skelter. It was the address of actor Sharon Tate and her husband, film director Roman Polanski.   The couple was renting the house and Sharon Tate, who was eight and a half months pregnant, invited Hollywood hairstylist, Jay Sebring,  coffee heiress Abigail Folger, and Polish actor Wojciech Frykowski, to stay as house guests while Polanski was away in London. 10050 Cielo Drive had previously been the home of record producer Terry Melcher, who Manson had tried to get a record contract with, but the deal never materialized. Angry that Melcher was putting him off, Manson when to his home to confront him, but Melcher had moved away and Manson was asked to leave the premises. Angry and rejected, the address became symbolic of all that Manson hated about the establishment. Butchered When the Manson family members arrived at the Tate home, Kasabian watched as the groups first victim, 18-year-old Steven Parent, was shot to death by Tex Watson. Parent had just graduated from high school and was trying to raise money for college. He was hoping to sell his radio to his friend William Garretson, who was the caretaker of the Tate home.  After visiting with Garretson, he  was on his way home and was driving up to the electric gates to leave the Tate home, just as the Manson group arrived. Watson knifed and shot him three times, killing him. Kasabian later  stood watch outside the Tate home and heard screams coming from inside. She watched in shock as some of the victims came running outside the home, soaked in blood and screaming for help, only to be caught and butchered on the front lawn by Tex Watson  and Susan Atkins. Kasabian tried to stop the massacre by telling the group that she heard noises, but her attempts failed and everyone inside the house, including eight-month pregnant Sharon Tate was viciously murdered. After the murders, Kasabian wiped off blood and fingerprints from the weapons used in the murders and dropped them into a ravine. The LaBianca Murders The next night Kasabian was ordered by Manson to go out again and later testified that she was too afraid to tell him no. This time the group included Manson, Watson, Atkins, Krenwinkel. Kasabian, Van Houten and Steve Grogan. The group drove to Leo and Rosemary LaBianca. First Manson and Tex went inside the LaBianca home and tied up the couple. He instructed Watson, Krenwinkel, and Van Houten to go inside and kill the couple. Manson, Kasabian, Atkins and Grogan drove away, and went hunting for another victim.   Manson wanted to find and murder an actor who was also one of Kasabians old boyfriends. She purposely pointed out the wrong apartment and the group, tired of driving around, gave up and returned to the ranch. Kasabian Escapes Spahn Ranch Two days after the LaBianca murders, Kasabian agreeing to run an errand for Manson, used the opportunity to flee from Spahn Ranch. To avoid suspicion she had to leave her daughter Tonya behind. Later  she located her daughter at a foster home where she was placed after the October police raid on Spahn Ranch. Kasabian Turns State Evidence Kasabian went to live with her mother in New Hampshire. A warrant for her arrest was issued on December 2, 1969, for her involvement in the Tate and LaBianca murders. She immediately turned herself over to the authorities and turned states evidence and was given immunity for her testimony. Her testimony was invaluable for the prosecution in the Tate-LaBianca murder trial. Co-defendants Charles Manson, Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel and Leslie Van Houten were found guilty largely based on Kasabians direct and honest testimony. After the trial, she returned to New Hampshire where she dealt with a lot of public scorn. She eventually changed her name and it has been rumored hat she moved to Washington State. See Also: The Manson Family Photo Album Source:Desert Shadows by Bob MurphyHelter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi and Curt GentryThe Trial of Charles Manson by Bradley Steffens

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Drugs used in ischemic heart disease and congestive heart failure Essay

Drugs used in ischemic heart disease and congestive heart failure - Essay Example Along with beta blockers, ACE inhibitors can also be used since they retard progression of coronary artery disease. These drugs act by inhibiting the activity of the enzyme which decreases the production of angiotensin II. They must be used in caution while using with other drugs because of their potential to increase potassium levels. Statins are used to control hypercholesterolemia. These include atorvastatin, simvastatin, pravastatin, lovastatin and fluvastatin. Their use leads to significant improvement in endothelium-dependent dilation of coronary and peripheral arteries in patients with hyperlipidemia. They also have the advantage of stabilizing atheromatous plaques in coronary arteries and may even contribute to regression of coronary atherosclerosis (Zevitz, 2006). The cornerstone of medical treatment in both patients with symptomatic and those with asymptomatic myocardial ischemia is antianginal medications. The drugs which fall in to this category include beta blockers, calcium channel blockers such as nifedipine, felodipine, and amlodipine, and nitrates. These drugs act by increasing blood supply into the coronary arteries. Long-acting nitrates are effective in the treatment of myocardial ischemia and are frequently used in combination with both beta-blockers and calcium channel antagonists. Short-acting nitroglycerin is the agent of choice in the treatment of acute symptomatic myocardial ischemia (Zevitz, 2006). The antiplatelet drugs which may be used are aspirin, clopidogrel, ticlopidine, or dipyridamole. Of these, aspirin is most effective in reducing risk for MI. These drugs act by decreasing platelet aggregation and inhibiting thrombus formation. They are effective in the arterial circulation, where anticoagulants have little effect. The goal of pharmacotherapy in CCF is to achieve a PCWP of 15-18 mm Hg and a cardiac index >2.2 L/min/m2, while maintaining adequate blood pressure and perfusion to

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1111 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

1111 - Essay Example In the study, directed by Susan D. Moeller, a professor of journalism as Maryland University, 200 students were asked to give up their electronic gadget for 24 hours. The students were unwilling to give up their electronic gadgets and they only did so unwillingly because they had to oblige to their teachers’ request. In the study, it was observed that most of the 200 students who took part in the study seemed traumatised by the experience of giving up their digital devices. In response to their experiences for the 24 hours that they remained without their digital gadgets, the students expressed various experiences about how they felt alienated and disconnected from the world or from their friends and relatives. This study showed that media influences people’s decisions in various ways. To begin with, in this study, it was found that the majority of American students are really addicted to media. This is because describing their feelings when they have to abstain from using media requires using the terms that are used to describe other forms of addictions; these terms include withdraw, frantic cravings, anxiety, jittery, crazy, miserable, and extremely antsy ( Maasik and Solomon, 2003 ). For this reason, therefore, media influences the decisions of people in a significant way through making people addicted to it. Once one is addicted to media, his/her decisions in life will be inclined or based on their objects of addiction, i.e. media. That is why we learn in this study the students who participated in this study unanimously expressed the view that they felt isolated from life when they abstained from using their digital gadgets. Secondly, we learn in this study that for the majority of the students who took part in the study, abstaining from using media meant losing their personal connections; for the students, electronic gadgets are their links to the world and abstaining from using digital gadgets, therefore,

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Ancient democracy to present democracy Essay Example for Free

Ancient democracy to present democracy Essay The word democracy is derived from two Greek words, demos, which means people, and kratos, which means rule. Today the word has come to mean exactly that, ruled by the people. Many ancient political Greek philosophers would use the phrase the governors are to be governed which we can relate to today. Even though the Greeks notion of democracy is dramatically different from our current democracy, it has been one of the most influential philosophies that have shaped the political thought of the United States. Ironically the term democracy is the most used term to describe the American government even though it has little meaning in our government today. The Athenian government was the first democracy known to the world. Athens had a government where all of the citizens took part in the decision making. Thus, everyone who qualified as a citizen could participate and did not have to be an elected representative. For one to be considered a citizen they first had to be born in Athens and had to be free. Next, once turned eighteen years of age he had to have at least two years of military training then serve in the navy or army. After he has served he could then vote. After the age of thirty he could be considered for council. The women of Athens were also considered to be citizen however they did not posses any political power. The Athenian democracy had three main branches which were the assembly, the council, and the jurymen. The assembly had the reasonability of making the policies for Athens. The assembly could be considered the legislative branch and it was made of eligible Athenian citizens. The council enforced administrative matters and the policies. They were also in control of the military and finances. The council was made of five hundred citizens and could be considered the executive branch. The jury men had the important yet tedious job of resolving disputes of the people. There were six thousand jurymen to manage this job in the courts. The Greeks of Athens had no single head of the government and no political parties. The United States has some similarities with Athenian democracy but very few. There are three branches, the legislative, executive, and the judicial which  are similar to the three branches of Athenss government. The legislative branch is made of the Senate and the House of Representatives. They are in charge of making the laws of the states. The House of Representatives consists of a representative from each state. There is one representative from each district in the state. The district in each state depends on the population of the state. There are four hundred and thirty five members of the House. Each of them only serve for two years and then have to run for re-election. The Senate consists of one hundred members. Each state has two representatives in the Senate. The Senate has three times the amount of service time than the House. The Executive branch is the president and his cabinet. The president gets to appoint his cabinet which consists of several positions, the Secretary of State, Attorney General, National Security Advisor, and more. The judicial branch has nine justices as apposed to six thousand, one that serve as the Chief Justice. Once they are appointed by the president they serve for the rest of their lives. As you can see, the American democracy doesnt quite fit the Greeks definition of democracy. They have appointed officials that can dictate how the people live. The Greek democracy actually consisted of citizens that could participate in political issues without being elected or appointed.